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Last Harvest King’s Castle/UCCR

Last Harvest King’s Castle/UCCR

Ultima Cosecha Castillo Del Rey

Last Harvest  is a one year Bi-lingual program in El Salvador where English speaking students can learn Spanish, earn College Level Credits, work as a short term MAPS Missionary and practice effective ministry skills to work with children, youth and adults.

Ultima Cosecha Comisión is a three year program designed to prepare young Spanish speaking students for a broad range of ministries.

First year is about learning how to work in a team developing people skills necessary to be effective in ministry.  Besides working on personal growth and completing theological training at the UCCR Bible School, students will be involved in hands on ministry two full weeks a month.  Two weeks of training and two weeks of experience takes knowledge beyond simple head information as they depend on God to show up when they are ministering.

Second year is about leadership training as students are required to develop their persuasion skills as they recruit, equip and commission young people of all ages to grow in the Lord and join the Armada 7 discipleship team.  Leading is getting people to follow you and the students must recruit for the Prayer Fortress, School of Warriors and for UCCM.

Third year students take what they have learned to the nations.  They must raise their support preaching in churches and holding special fund raising events in order to raise the funds needed to go to their assignment. The cross cultural training prepares them to adjust to the country they are going to but the best training begins one minute after stepping off the plane on a foreign field somewhere. During their assignment they will be required to Recruit, Equip and Commission laborers for the Last Harvest in the countries they are assigned to.

If you would like more information about how to get into the Last Harvest Masters Commission program or how to support a student please write us at

Your brother,

Don Triplett

Missionary to El Salvador


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quiero ser parte de la comision de el maestro para el año que vieni decirme que nesesito para perteneser al ministerio soy de el salvador pero vivo en españa mi pastor es jorje villeda y en españa es david lingres

Comment by david enoc

Dear brethren in Christ,How sweet to hear about your work in Christ our Lord and saviour.Grace,mercy and peace be to you in our Lord Jesus Christ.Am writing because am motivated,touched and encouraged by your doctrines that you believe,teach and practice.Thank you and may you continue with the good work.We are encouraged and uplifted body through your doctrines.We have no founder body in our country or outside our country,so we are independent without better foundation.We need to put our kind request to you that we need you in God’s Grace to bring to us the light in Jesus Christ.Hope to hear from you soonest,Pastor Nicholus.

Comment by Nicholus Makori.

beautiful blog merciiiii

Comment by zorito

I have been on the ground in El Salvador and witnessed the commitment and dedication of the leadership, and young people in the Master’s commission. What an inspiration it is to see all of those young leaders learning, studying, and working very hard together for Christ. They are making a tremendous impact for Christ.
Thank you Don for your tireless prayer, work, commitment, and leadership.

Comment by Ron

my husband and i were there in 93and 94 fell in love with the people and there mission stayed in the home with don and terriand at that time there three beautiful daughters,we painted there home and also the buses at the compound,my husband and i were baptized in the lake together holding hands by at that time avon fowler was the lead construction team,he and pastor carrol from deer pt. asg.put us hearts desire is to return there once more,my husband has passed away six but i know he would love for me to return there one more time. someday i will return. the point of this letter is to say hello to all,your in my prayers and also to say thanks for putting that desire back in my heart. anna walruff panama city fl. first assembly of god. blessings to all!

Comment by anna walrff

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